An entrepreneur’s guide to connection, support & events in the Triad


What is the Navigator?

An online tool that supports entrepreneurs in the Piedmont Triad Region of North Carolina.


Why is it in development?

Entrepreneurs need access to & information about our regional entrepreneurial ecosystem to start & grow their businesses.


Who will it serve?

All entrepreneurs in the Piedmont Triad Region with an added emphasis on the *under-connected entrepreneurs in our area.  *Underconnected = those lacking key relationships & connectivity to people, information & resources available to successfully launch & sustain desired entrepreneurial efforts.


The Goal

The GOAL is to strengthen & grow our entrepreneurial ecosystem & connect the under-connected.

How is it funded?

NCIDEA:  Part of a 2-year eco-system grant that supports tool development and short-term support/maintenance.


Lincoln Financial Group: One year support to test helping community members understand how to move through our community to start and grow a business.


Launch Greensboro: Ongoing support to for the development of & management post launch of the tool.


Who are the collaborators?

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Proposed Benefit to Entrepreneurs:  

  • Think *Know Where to Go*  Navigating any ecosystem can initially be confusing, but this specialized survey will “direct” the entrepreneur to the best place(s) for them to go … based on their need and stage.
  • They’ll be able to see what they’ve done, what their next best steps are, and how the ecosystem works together … for them.  
  • Finally, High Touch Integration* *A person from the ecosystem will help the entrepreneurs “navigate” the entrepreneurial process. Courtesy of the High TOUCH Committee.


Proposed benefit to Entrepreneur Support Organizations (ESOs) & our community

Data will help ecosystem partners & community:


  • Assess & report on ecosystem participation in programming & events
  • Track “Data of Reach,” which is often required for grant requests.
  • Access growing mentor database
  • See themselves in a visual representation of the ecosystem.
  • See what’s happening with the Regional Calendar of Events


Like a lean startup, we are using Phased Development. We

Phase Development

to ensure the demand is there and we are meeting customer needs.


How can you help?


Connect the under-connected!  Share your contacts with the HIGH TOUCH Committee


Baylee Smith | Innovate Greensboro HIGH TOUCH Committee Co-Chair |


Joe Bryant | Innovate Greensboro HIGH TOUCH Committee Co-Chair |

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Ryan Finch
Navigator Project Lead
Launch Greensboro
Greensboro Chamber of Commerce


Lou Anne Flanders-Stec
EVP of Entrepreneurship
Launch Greensboro
Greensboro Chamber of Commerce


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