From “Aggiesland” to new tech frontiers


Three NC A&T track and field athletes got together and realized they had BIG dreams: They want to innovate the technology space—how people interact with technology on a daily basis. They want to create innovation!

While they’re starting with mobile apps, the Little Brown Box Works partners—Everette Slocum, Keenan Smith, and Kendrick Smith—see the apps as a stepping stone to something much bigger, something they think will transform our lives and the world’s economy much as the “world wide web” did a generation ago: Virtual (or Augmented) Reality.

Everette, Keenan, and the rest of their team are terrific examples of the kind of groundbreaking innovation, collaboration, and (ultimately) economic development that Innovate NC is fostering and shining a light on. To achieve their dreams, the partners are taking advantage of all the opportunities available to entrepreneurs in Greensboro—from presenting at Idea Slam, a forum hosted by the Greensboro Partnership’s Entrepreneur Connection, to participating in the Triad Startup Lab’s accelerator program, and from working out of HQ Greensboro, a collaborative workspace for entrepreneurs, to creating a strong Board of Advisors, including angel investor Troy Knauss; business attorney Greg Poole; and Dr. Len Testa, an A&T alum who created the wildly popular Walt Disney World “Lines” app.

The partners believe that new technologies—especially Virtual/Augmented Reality—will change the world. And they believe that they’ll be leading the charge through Little Brown Box Works, a name that was inspired by an episode of SpongeBob Square Pants in which SpongeBob and Patrick buy a big-screen TV—not to watch TV, but because they want to use their imaginations and play in the box.